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~ Mahatma Gandhi 

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What Our Clients Are Saying

One of the best outbound programs I’ve attended. The activities were super fun, it really helped me bond with my team. What I learnt, during the activities and later reflecting on how we did, helped me gain perspective on my professional life, as well as my personal life. Thanks to our awesome facilitators, Zeb and Tarsh!                                                  – Aprajitha Narayanan, Aditya Birla


Amazing Campsite, Lovely location just a hop to the waterfall, Homely food, Safe n Cozy tents..the best nature camp I have ever been.                           – Anitha Bhaskar, Pink Routes

The sheer magic of being there under the afternoon sun. Everything stands still except the dancing swallow midair. Immersed in conversations with silent pauses. Deep enjoyment.                                                                          – Percy Fernandez, The Flow Training