Our explorations in the wilderness instantly changes us every single time

We discover, therefore we are.

‘What am I doing?’ I asked.  Shortly after, I found myself having thrown away my job and the ways of the city with it.

Then followed, climbing, hiking, wildlife conservation and research in the Ghats and jungles, mountaineering, Himalayan expeditions, NOLS semesters in the Rockies, outdoor experiences in US and Hong Kong, working with kids, teams, leaders, organizations, wilderness medicine, outdoor safety and ethics certifications, et al.  There was so much to meditate.  Life happened.


I met my TrueNatured folks.  ​We lived the story that followed.  Every escapade became a legacy.  Come by and I’ll narrate a few.   The more the stories, the more we craved for adventure.  While risking taking,  the child in us came alive again.  It also made us sensitive, empathetic, affirmative, spontaneous and authentic.

All that emerged made sense.  We experienced all of them.  It was an awakening, an awareness.  And yet there was so much more. TrueNature dawned.