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Our story

Reflective, passionate, progressive learners is our narrative. A narrative that began thirty-five years ago. Playing in the fields and farms, reading Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, having explorations and adventure is where it all began.


Though life seemed to take a turn away from the outdoors, it worked for the better to give Tarsh Williams, the founder-director, the required exposure of the non-outdoors world. After a Master's Degree and eight years of corporate experience in managerial capacities, Tarsh came back to the outdoors.  He got certifications in mountaineering and outdoors from NOLS and ABVIMAS. He has worked in this space for 15 years across the world.

In 2013, he brought his experiences together and founded TrueNature to offer learning and discovery.


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Outdoors or Wilderness Experiential Learning is our platform for discoveries.  A few TrueNature-exclusive outdoors activities include Barefooting, Night Solo, Obstacle Solving, Reverse Trek, Mud Pit, Grassland Camping and Gaming Simulations.


Learning & Discovery in the out-of-comfort zone coupled with fun remains for a lot longer causing a relatively permanent change in behavior. The choice of the out-of-comfort zone is based on the depth of change one seeks.

Behavioral sciences used to enable reflective spaces include Human Process Work, NLP and Transactional Analysis.

We conduct programs on personal growth, leadership, team effectiveness and organizational development. 

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Key features

•Learning by doing

•Business relevant simulations

•Positive facilitation

•Effective impacts

•Out of your comfort zone

•Balance of fun and learning

•Structured process

TrueNature offers open programs for individuals and customized programs for organizations and schools.  Programs are conducted in the outdoors or wilderness on the Experiential Learning Platform.  Our experts are qualified in Management Consulting, OD, Behavioural Psychology, Wilderness Leadership and Outdoors Safety.  All our programs are conducted under stringent safety and risk management procedures.  

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What I learnt, during the
activities and later reflecting on
how we did, helped me gain
perspective on my professional
life, as well as my personal life.
Thanks to our awesome
facilitators, Zeb and
– Aprajitha N, Aditya Birla

Each topic was like a piece in a jigsaw and complemented the other topics to make the session whole. The interesting thing is that the activities are deceptively simple, but are packed with useful insights about oneself. I liked the informal and approachable nature of the session and I would keep it that way.


Very informative and eye-opening programs, encouraging to think outside the box and reflect on our behavior and skills to develop.

- Ewa Chojecka

Nice team, always very kind. I learned a lot with them.  I wish to come again soon.
– Margo Arpin

I liked the all of them. There was fun and a lot of reflection. I loved that it was advised to be made so personal instead of thinking for the group today.

- Aishwarya Ashoka

From this session I was able to learn about the values with respect to the teamwork in group games as well as the growth process. It also made me aware of my thought process.


Brilliant session, Highlight for me was how my learning style has changed in the last 4-6 months.

- Vidhyashri S Rao