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Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Our life is the way it is from the million small choices we have made. Every path we have chosen leads to a new experience which impacts our mental model which in turn impacts our further choices. The choices like-

To wait or To rush

To Spend    or To save

To confront or To let it go

To calm down or To push further

To Survive or To explore

To maintain relationship or To complete the task

To relax or To thrive more

To lead or To follow

To spend some more time with loves once or To use the time to grow

To treat myself or To eat healthily

To be safe or Take risk

To move on or To hold it together

And many more

In my opinion, there is no right or wrong choice. Each individual has her / his own circumstance, experience in the past, a mental model that governs the choices.

In every situation, the choices we have made may seem to be the best. Maybe it really was. When we reflect we may realize some choices were made in awareness some are by autopilot or fear. Some were with purpose few were not, some were necessary even if it wasn’t the best.

When things go south, it’s always comfortable to hold the situation responsible or say “this is how I am”, yet we also have a choice to do something about it or make some small changes in us which are necessary.

Sometimes we choose a way and reach nowhere and swing back to the opposite side yet can’t get to where we want then we may realize there is a middle way that works best for us. It is absolutely ok to swing. Maybe that is the are a better judge of your choices not others as their circumstance, mindset and their purpose of life is different than yours, so don't get carried away with other's judgment on your choices.  

Aspiration is to make the choices in awareness (awareness of is my choice taking me towards my purpose).  awareness of what is driving my choices. To swing less and find my middle path.

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