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It is alright to procrastinate

Slacking, lazing around, procrastinating is taboo in an ever-changing, fast-paced world. However, when I peer into myself with the lens of trust, I do not see myself as a slacker or freeloader. Yes, I need to take small breaks to catch an emotional breath for my brain and body. They are going through a lot these days! How are they going for you?! Hoping you are keeping yourself well.

I see myself as a go-getter, ambitious and aspirational. A good part of this comes from the environment I have put myself in. While I thank that universe for it, I am the one who is responsible for my breather. There is a tendency to build pressure and achieve. This pressure keeps drawing a ton of energy in physical and mental forms. A drop in this energy tends to draw different degrees of guilt and frustration, which is energy consuming. With guilt and frustration comes the vicious cycle of self-doubt followed by possible affirmation of being a slacker or freeloader. Wait, I am not done with the consequences. This is offloaded as blaming others and/or environment, leading to further consequences that take me away from task completion. Do I realize that I am the one responsible for my breather?!

Going back to the lens of trust, I see that I procrastinated because I gave the task a shot or I’m clueless currently, yet somewhere in there I want to complete the task. When there is a real-time task, I am not compromising. It is my realization that one cannot be a go-getter with an endless supply of achievement. Yes, it is important that we gauge our performance. Hence, in all fairness, we also got to gauge our breather. Reaffirming that the procrastination is only for the time being and by offering myself the breather with unhindered trust that I’ll be back (this is the key), builds faith in myself resulting in a stockpile of potential energy for future use.

So go ahead and bite as much as you can chew. Finish tasks with breaks. Do different things during breaks in the faith that you will eventually complete the task. Or at least earnestly you chose to move towards completion. Choose to feel less guilty AND more honest to yourself because you are.

Trust yourself; truthfully, naturally.

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